(Chair) Councillor Stephen Tumelty

(Vice Chair) Councillor Helen Elliott

Councillor Andrew Armstrong

Councillor Lee McKee

Councillor William Morton

Councillor Melanie Ryden

Councillor Roy Sinar

Councillor Joseph Williamson

All members, and co-opted members of Parton Parish Council must complete a register of interests form to register their financial and other interests.

Councillors must provide the following details:

  • any employment or business, including:
    • the name of their employer
    • name of any firms at which they are a partner
    • details of any directorships held
  • people who paid towards their expenses
  • contracts between themselves or their firm and the council
  • interests in any land or property in the area
  • any licences to occupy land in the area
  • any tenancies held where the council is the landlord
  • membership of organisations, including bodies to which they have been appointed by the council
  • any offer of gifts or hospitality of a value over £50 that they have received in their capacity as a member

Members must complete a register of interests form within 28 days of being elected. These forms must be updated throughout the members time on the council also within 28 days of any changes.



Declarations of Acceptance of Office Click here

Declaration of Members Interests Guidance Click Here

This guide gives basic practical information to councillors about how to be open and transparent about their personal interests. It is designed to help councillors, including parish councillors, now that new standards arrangements have been introduced by the Localism Act 2011.