These Regulations enable the Parish Council to hold meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) remotely and we are investigating the possibility of doing so. The regulations require that the Public are able to join in a meeting “so far as reasonably practicable”. They do not now have to have the option of being present in the room for the meeting to be lawful.

The Parish Council therefore hopes to move forward using “Zoom” for meetings just as the Government’s cabinet has been doing in recent weeks. The Zoom app is free to download and it is free to join any meeting.

Once a date is set for any meeting it will be published on the notice boards and on this website, together with the agenda, in exactly the same way as normal. Please see the agenda page for details of the meeting. If you wish to join the meeting, once it has been announced, please email the Clerk at to request the link to follow no later than 4 hours before the meeting is due to start.

Please note that the law has changed such that the Parish Council Annual Meeting does not have to take place but we are trying to see if we can continue with business as near as usual as these difficult times permit. There are some decisions that we have to take and need to do so as the law requires.

Parton Parish Council Notice Board

The Parton Parish Council Notice Board
The notice board is a traditional means of communication. Parton has moved forward and as you are already here you can see we have a new website which should be a much easier one stop shop for all details to do with our council.

However, do continue to look at the Parish Council notice board located opposite the Village Hall at the bottom of the village.

Our notice board generally displays

  • The full title of the parish council;
  • The name, address, telephone number and email address of the clerk;
  • The council’s website address;
  • A list of Members of the council with contact details (address, telephone number, email)
  • Venues, dates and times of meetings for the year;
  • Agenda for forthcoming meetings;
  • Where the minutes, the code of conduct and other public documents may be inspected.

Our notice board and website is kept up to date and notices are replaced regularly. This is a clear responsibility which is the Clerk’s.