Highways Hotline 0845 6096609 to report potholes, flooding, broken/missing signs, failed street or traffic lights, snow/ice problems

Refuse Collection – PARTON – Copeland Borough Council click here

County Councillor/District Councillors
Ward Councillor David Banks 07795 452364
Ward Councillor Mrs J Bowman 01946 831946
County Councillor Martin Barbour 01946 691269

Alternative Grant Funding

The following are organisations which may award grants to local community projects, subject to certain criteria.

Cumbria CVS give funding advice and support – www.cumbriacvs.org.uk/funding/

The Copeland Community Fund –www.copelandcommunityfund.co.uk/howtoapply/

Cumbria Community Foundation –www.cumbriafoundation.org/apply-for-a-grant

Nuclear Management Partners –www.nuclearmanagementpartners.com

WREN –www.wren.org.uk

The Heritage Lottery –www.hlf.org.uk/looking-funding

Funding Central –www.fundingcentral.co.uk

People’s Health Trust – Active Communitieswww.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk

My Community Locality Grants –www.locality.org.uk and www.mycommunity.org.uk

The Power to Change –www.thepowertochange.org.uk

Active Cumbria – www.activecumbria.org/developing-sport/funding/