Financial Regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the council and set out how the council meets its responsibilities. In any organisation it is important to ensure financial administration procedures are in place. Financial regulations and procedures apply to all members and employees in the work they do for the council. Like Standing Orders they are regularly reviewed and updated.

These Financial Regulations as amended were adopted by the council at its meeting held on the 9th October 2019

  1. General
  2. Accounting and audit (internal and external)
  3. Annual estimates (budget) and forward planning
  4. Budgetary control and authority to spend
  5. Banking arrangements and authorisation of payments
  6. Instructions for the making of payments
  7. Payment of salaries
  8. Loans and investments
  9. Income
  10. Orders for work, goods and services
  11. Contracts
  12. [Payments under contracts for building or other construction works]
  13. [Stores and equipment]
  14. Assets, properties and estates
  15. Insurance
  16. [Charities]
  17. Risk management
  18. Suspension and revision of Financial Regulations