THE GOOD COUNCILLOR Local Government Association

This online resource is designed as a quick reference guide to provide you with the essential information that you need to know as a councillor.

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Guidance for new Councillors

The Good Councillor Guide to Finance & Transparency

Being an effective ward councillor

A Councillor’s Workbook on Local Government Finance

Chairing skills – a councillors’ workbook

It’s an opportunity for your council to look professional and show clear leadership. It is can be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever undertake. Remaining calm under sometimes difficult circumstances is a skill which needs to be honed.

The LGA’s chairing skills workbook will equip new, and refresh more experienced chairs/chairmen, with all the tools and strategies necessary for a smooth running of a meeting; giving confidence to any councillor who is chairing a council or committee. It is highly recommended to all councillors and aspiring chairs/chairmen.

Bribery & Fraud Prevention

Every organisation whether large or small is at risk from fraud and councils are no exception to this. All councils have a duty to protect the public purse and a major part of this is by limiting exposure to fraud and corruption and reducing risk through effective prevention and detection. Authorities, even the smallest, are constantly under threat from fraudsters whether that be single person discount fraud, reducing council revenue or a cyberattack causing a major data loss, reputational damage and fines from the information commissioner. Fraud is estimated to cost UK councils around £2.1 billion per year which is money that cannot be used to support local communities. As an elected member you have a range of statutory and moral obligations to protect the assets of your authority and you also need to equip yourself with the knowledge to deal with enquiries and questions from residents.

Councillor workbooks

The LGA has produced a series of distance learning materials, covering a number of topics, in the form of workbooks. Click into any of the below and you will be redirected to the LGA’s website in order to download.