Book of Condolence

There is a book of condolence for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the village hall if you would like to sign it. We will try to keep the hall open as much as possible. If you want to check opening times, please contact us. If you are housebound, please contact us and we will bring the book to you.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

21st April 1926 to 8th September 2022

It is with great sadness that Parton Parish Council learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the members of the Royal Family.

We Remember with immense gratitude the lifetime of service which Her Majesty devoted to the Nation and to the Commonwealth.

If you wish to lay flowers in remembrance, please feel free to do so at the war memorial.

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5th August 2021

Parton landslip update – reduction in cordon area

The county council and multi-agency partners can confirm that the cordon area in Parton, Whitehaven can be reduced, and that the majority of residents can safely return to their properties.

On the evening of Wednesday 28 July, we were notified of a landslip on the bank above St Bridget’s C of E School, Parton. Given the risk of further landslips a small number of properties were evacuated and a section of Main Street below the bank was closed.

A team of Geotechnical Engineers started assessing the bank on Thursday 29 July and a large area of vegetation was cleared using automatic mowers over the weekend to allow for visual investigations. At the same time the engineers installed sophisticated digital monitoring equipment to monitor any movement in the bank.

Visual inspections have concluded that there has been some slippage to the bank but it’s not clear as to when this occurred. There is no evidence to show a recent landslip – Engineers believe the ‘cracking’ that was reported to be a landslip is the ‘dying off’ of some vegetation as a result of the recent dry weather. The noise that was reported to have been a landslip cannot be accounted for from the evidence gained through site surveys and would appear to have been from another source.

Further monitoring and surveys will continue this week along with ground investigations to determine the bank stability to assess the material content and impact of any water present within the bank. Engineers will also drill bore holes and take soil samples which will help determine whether any remedial works are required to the bank.

The advice of the Engineers is that until the results of the further survey and monitoring has been completed, the risk remains to the immediate vicinity of the bank. This means that the cordon needs to remain in place for the school, the playground and the two adjacent properties. It is likely that these restrictions will remain in place for several weeks as a minimum.

The rest of the cordon can now be reduced, enabling all other evacuated residents to safely return. The road closure on Main Street can also be lifted.

With regards to St Bridget’s School, options to relocate school to another site on a temporary basis is being looked in to. A preferred location is expected to be confirmed by the end of the week and would be built using pre-made temporary classroom buildings.

The county council and multi-agency partners would like to thank the affected residents and wider community in Parton for their patience and cooperation.

4th August 2021

We were this evening briefed by County Councillor Martin Barbour and Copeland M.P. Trudy Harrison on the latest situation and had a chance to ask some questions. 

Initial findings are expected tomorrow from the geotechnical engineers. Hopefully this will bring some clarity for what work needs to be done to the area to make it safe. We will pass on any news as soon as we receive it. 

Parents are being contacted by St Bridget’s school and Trudy Harrison will speak to Ruth Colley for the latest information. Even if restrictions are lifted, the school will not be able to open as planned in September, because the rewiring work is now behind schedule. Again, we will share with you anything as soon as it is confirmed. 

If you have been evacuated and are having problems with your insurers, Trudy has offered to help and you can contact her either on trudy.harrison.mp@parliament.uk or phone 01229 718333.

We asked for information about the security patrols and how long they would be in place for. Trudy is going to make enquiries about this and let us know when they may be reduced or removed. 

Leaflets have been posted to houses that are considered to be in the danger area should a sudden land slip occur, so residents in those houses, if they have not evacuated, should be ready to leave there homes immediately if the warning claxon sounds.

For people affected financially, you may be able to get help from the disaster fund here https://www.cumbriafoundation.org/fund/cumbria-disaster-fund/

We asked for assurances that all evacuated residents had now been found suitable accommodation, but none could be given. Trudy said that anybody that still required accommodation should either contact Copeland Borough Council on 01946 427070, or they could contact her directly. 

We are being connected with a dedicated contact at Cumbria County Council to help to get clear and accurate information out as soon as possible.

There is a website dedicated to the Parton Landslip here: which contains all of the latest news, information and links for help and support. https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/partonlandslip/

If you would like us to ask a question on your behalf, or require assistance in finding support, please email the clerk or speak to one of the Parish Councillors.

What support is available for people who have been evacuated?

Alternative housing

We know many people are currently staying with friends and family, and may prefer to continue to do so.

However, Copeland Borough Council can arrange alternative accommodation for you if your situation changes and you find need it – you can contact their Homelessness Team at any time on 01946 427070.

Home insurance

You may want to contact your Home Insurers to update them on the situation and check what support they can offer; some insurance policies might cover the costs caused by evacuation, but unfortunately this may not always be the case. There is more information on this link from the Association of British Insurers

Financial help

You may face additional costs whilst away from home – for example, for phone calls, mobile data, extra travel, from eating out because you don’t have access to cooking facilities or other expenses that you cannot reclaim from insurance. If these extra costs are causing you financial difficulties, there are a number of grants that you might be able to access.

The Cumbria Community Foundation Disaster Fund was set up to help people affected by emergencies like this.

Or contact Gary Higgs on 01900 825760 / email gary@cumbriafoundation.org

Mental wellbeing

Most people will be worried and anxious in a situation like this – being evacuated from your home, and not knowing when you will be able to return, is a very stressful situation.

Many people will find that they feel better once there is more information available, but if you’re finding it hard to cope with feelings of stress and uncertainty, MindLine Cumbria can help.

You can find information on their website, including details of how to contact them by email, text or webchat or ring them on 0300 561 0000. MindLine Cumbria is open 12pm to 11pm Monday to Friday, and 5pm to 11pm Saturday to Sunday

You can also contact Together All which is free to all Cumbria residents, you just need to enter you postcode to be able to set up an account.

Joseph Williamson School for Boys 1949-1950
This photo was sent to us by Peter Doran (front row, 2nd from the left) who will be 80 years old this month. Can you recognise yourself or your relation? Many happy returns Peter!

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