Phishing scam

It has come to our attention that the Chairman’s email address is being used for what appears to be a phishing scam.
You may receive an email appearing to come from the Chair reading along these lines – 

“Let me know if you receive my message I want you to do something for me. “

There are a number of such emails going around the world where the sender impersonates a sender that the recipient will know. They may have obtained my email address from your email account, our Parish website or elsewhere – it’s anyone’s guess.

When an email appears to come from a known person the sender knows that there is a good chance of it being opened and even responded to. These emails are usually followed, I understand, by requests that you buy some amazon, or similar, gift cards.

There are 2 parts to the From field which includes the Chair’s email address: 

  • The name of the person: in this case, seemingly the Chair
  • The reply-to email address of the person: in this case not the Chair – there is behind that apparent email address of the Chair another email address which is somehow encrypted into the known address. If you reply then your reply goes elsewhere – to the bad guys

By responding to the message, you can inadvertently add the bogus address into your contact list.  From that point going forward anytime you write an email to, in this case me, this bogus email address you will auto-populate the email field, increasing the likelihood you’ll end up sending that correspondence to the offender, who can then use the information in that email. For example you may have added another emails address as a CC or BCC that can be used by the phishing party.

Be sure to remove these addresses from your account!

Also run a virus check