Date: 19.05.20

“As you will be aware, today we have been operating the next stage of our Key Worker Emergency Timetable. Reports back from this morning’s peak period suggests a similar volume of customers as to the previous couple of weeks and we are therefore, yet to see a significant increase in passenger numbers. On a number of corridors this has been assisted by the uplift in service frequency and/or strengthened capacity provision.

I would like to share with you some images which we are using to promote essential travel only and encourage social distancing. This message is now appearing on our social media channels, in stations and on trains, in the press and media and by video/graphics/posters etc.

Signage to encourage social distancing have now been installed at Manchester Oxford Road and Victoria stations. Further stations will follow over the next 2-3 weeks with our higher footfall stations being equipped over the next few days.

Many of our trains now have seats taped off in order to encourage social distancing on board and we will be looking to formalise this over the next few weeks with a priority given to traction types where our train crew control doors and dispatch from the passenger saloon (195/331, 170, 319, 323).



Warren Birch

Community Rail Partnership Officer