From: Reverend Paul Kerry (Priest in charge)
Date: 10 December 2019 at 08:28:10
To: The Chair (Parton Parish Council)

Dear Parton Parish Council

Subject: Re: Christmas Light Switch On & Festivities (Parton)

The Parton tree light switch on event was a phenomenal success. In my four years here I’ve never seen any of the communities I work amongst come together in the way Parton did that night. Some of the reason for that was the tireless way the organisers had poured themselves into making the event a blessing for so many people.

The gifts for both the children and older folk were extremely thoughtful and demonstrated care in a way I know was deeply appreciated.

The way different community groups like the male voice choir, school choir, small businesses, fair rides and more were included heightened the community spirit.

The tree itself looks beautiful when the lights are on and giving people the chance to decorate it by remembering loved ones was another sign that this whole event was done for the good of others and care for them in both their joy and sadness at Christmas time.

Finally, to see individuals out on the Monday morning picking up every last bit of litter was testament to the heart of service which underpinned the whole event. It is certainly my hope that Parton will be able to continue to grow in this wonderful direction year on year.

Many thanks

Reverend Paul Kerry


St. Bridget’s, Moresby –

St. Andrew’s, Mirehouse –

01946 66168